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Rime of the Frostmaiden: Session 0

Welcome to the campaign blog! I knew I wanted to run Rime of the Frostmaiden from the moment I cracked open the hardcover–the book has some of the most atmospheric artwork I’ve seen in a D&D adventure, and it drew me right back into the setting. As our group got into the adventure, I thought it might be worth putting into a campaign blog, both to chronicle the party’s unique path through the story and also to share some of my thoughts about running RotF. And here we are!

Obviously, this blog contains spoilers for Rime of the Frostmaiden. If you’re cool with that, keep reading! If not, I hope you’ll come back after you’ve had a chance to play through the adventure yourself so we can compare notes.

The main body of the blog will follow our party’s progress through the story. As we go along, I’ll be dropping my DMing observations into footnotes at the end of the posts. Some of these observations spoil plot points that come later in the adventure. If you prefer to discover the story along with the characters, or just aren’t interested in my random musings, feel free to skip the footnotes!

Posts are organized by story episode rather than by play session, since we often don’t cover a lot of ground each session (and nobody wants to read about the two hours the party spent shopping for axebeaks and cold-weather gear).

And with that, let’s begin by introducing our heroes!

Bishop – NG Human Cleric of Helm

A guardsman from Waterdeep who found his calling in the church of Helm, Bishop has come to Icewind Dale with his comrade, Kip, to investigate the cause of the eternal night gripping the region and to protect the people of Ten Towns from the terrors of the dark.

Kip – CG Elven Fighter

An orphan raised by humans who is self-conscious of his disconnection from his elven heritage, Kip fled his foster home to work as a guard in Waterdeep, where he met Bishop and volunteered to accompany the cleric in his mission to Icewind Dale.

Bit – LN Goliath Sorcerer

Scrawny and barely scraping seven feet, Bit was cast out of his tribe as a runt and doomed to perish in the tundra, where he stumbled upon a rune-covered brass disk that whisked him away to another plane of existence. When Bit returned, his memory was a blur and the disk was embedded in his chest. After wandering the Sword Coast seeking an explanation for his newfound powers, Bit encountered Boko, and together their travels took them back to Icewind Dale.

Charles Webster Biffen III, aka “Boko” – N Human Bard

Born to one of the many illustrious houses of Waterdeep, Boko decided to strike out north to find fame and adventure in the frozen wastes of Icewind Dale. As luck would have it, Boko found a guide in Bit the goliath, and the two have traveled together since.

Keothakan “Frostworn” Kovarik, aka “Keo” – CG Goliath Barbarian

As a warrior of Wyrmdoom Crag, Keo has spent his entire life ranging the mountains of the Spine of the World. It was on one such expedition that he came across Raoul alone on the Ten Trail, nearly dead from exposure. Keo took the lad back to Wyrmdoom Crag and, now that he has been nursed back to health, has taken it upon himself to escort Raoul to Bryn Shander where he can start a new life amongst the people of Ten Towns.

Raoul – LN Half-Elf Druid

Raoul fled his apprenticeship at the Hosttower of the Arcane to try to make a new life for himself in Icewind Dale. After nearly perishing in the attempt, he was taken in by the goliaths of Wyrmdoom Crag and tutored by their shaman in the ways of primal magic. However, Raoul lives in fear of discovery by the wizards of the Arcane Brotherhood.

Come back next week when we talk about Secrets!