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Rime of the Frostmaiden: Bit’s Secret

Your life began in Icewind Dale, and that’s easily where it could have ended. Abandoned by your clan, forced to wander alone, you were saved by a glimpse of gold in the neverending white, taken to someplace … different … given a power and a purpose that you still struggle to understand. You left the dale, never planning to return.

Until you met Boko.

When you met the bard in the city of Neverwinter, you knew immediately that Boko was not what he seemed. Not in the way that so many southerners keep themselves hidden behind the mask that they show to the world. Boko was … wrong. He looked human, acted human, but inside he was … unnatural. The chaos swirling in his soul was palpable, and it frightened you.

You took a room in the inn where Boko played and stayed to watch his every performance, keeping a careful eye for anything that might betray his true nature. But if the bard was putting on a facade, his deceit was masterful, for no word or action suggested he was anything other than a foppish jongleur. It began to occur to you that perhaps even Boko was unaware of his true nature. But, if he was indeed a master deceiver, it would be too dangerous to brooch your suspicions with the bard. Better just to watch, and wait.

Eventually Boko took notice of your continued attendance and, deducing that you must be a great fan of his work, struck up a conversation with you one evening after the room had cleared out. He pestered you with questions about your homeland, few of which you could answer, but he seemed to hang on each word regardless. He was headed north, he said. He would love to write about adventure in the frozen wastes, he said. He would be fortunate indeed to have a companion such as yourself to show him Icewind Dale “from the inside,” he said. Would you be interested in traveling together?

And although his very presence made your skin crawl, you determined it would be best to keep an eye on Boko, lest whatever fell power he possesses be unleashed upon an unsuspecting dale. That was how you found yourself retracing your steps back to the land of your birth.

Back to Icewind Dale.

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